Spot.Love Story

The two most successful matchmakers in the country, a tech guru, software engineer, and an award-winning Hollywood filmmaker have come together in the hopes of bringing others together to Spot.Love.

We’re real people with families and careers, just like you. The only difference is that somewhere along the way, matchmakers came into our busy lives and not only changed us for the better, they totally changed our life stories.

We’ve swiped left. We’ve swiped right. We’ve messaged. We’ve texted. We’ve been ghosted. We’ve been dumped. And we’ve figured out a much easier and more enjoyable way to find a soul mate. Our collective skills and really cool experiences have led us to create a way to save you time, headaches and heartache, and to Spot.Love.



Has brought together over a 100 happy couples— many have become engaged, married and had lots of babies (even a few baby Sophys)

Started matchmaking by setting up
classmates in kindergarten

Met her husband, Michael on a dating app

Met Oren on a dating app, became friends + business partners



Was the numero uno matchmaker
at a numero uno matchmaking firm

Holds a J.D. in intellectual property law + studied behavioral genetics— don’t mess with Cynthia

Met her husband on a dating app

Met Michael and Oren through Sophy



Outstanding team builder, tech builder
and sandwich builder

Is married to feisty, fierce, fabulous and gorgeous matchmaker (she wrote that)

Met his wife, Sophy on a dating app

Met Oren and Cynthia through Sophy


Movie Producer.



Created the highest net profit movie
in history

Knows all the best camera angles

Met his wife with the help of Sophy

Met Sophy on a dating app, became friends + business partners

Met Michael and Cynthia through Sophy



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Los Angeles, CA 90027