Spot.Love Language

Spot.Love is a totally different way to date. Yes, actually date.

All your time and energy goes to getting to know someone, not swiping, liking and endlessly texting.

Here’s how it works

We’ll aim for the sweet spot, and send you weekly prospects or, as we like to call them, potential soul mates. If your matches are spot on, you’ll have the option of chatting immediately or in a weekly Spot.Love Mixer where your dates will line up to meet you. Just show up, click to join your Spot.Love Mixer and spend 5 minutes with each of your prospects.

If it’s Spot.Love at first sight, you can schedule another video chat or exchange digits.

But, if you don’t vibe at all, simply end the date with the touch of a button.

If there’s something we should know, fill us in. We’ll do our best to make sure everyone is on their best behavior at all times.

Sign up for our waitlist to Spot.Love.
Once we are totally sure ‘the on e’  could be among all of your prospects, we’ll invite you to start dating.